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...you would benefit from the Right to Manage process. RTM is the process that effectively places all the responsibility for the management and maintenance of the building into the hands of the flat owners. 

Whether you have only 2 flats involved in seeking Right to Manage, and you want to know how to form your own Residents Management Company, or you are already a member of a Residents Management Company company and you’re unhappy with your existing management arrangement, we can advise on the following:

Who is eligible?
There are certain criteria that will determine whether you situation makes your block a good candidate for RTM. We can assist you in making that assessment and guiding you through the technical legalities that might prevent someone from becoming eligible. To start the process, we check the land registry and work with you to obtain the correct information about participants and leaseholders.

Right to Manage  - Make the First Step
Not sure what to do or if a development may apply contact:
ian.magenis@scanlanspm.com or 0161 212 8312, for an informal without obligation discussion.

Useful information:
RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
LEASE: The Leashold Advisory Service

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